No two trips are the same. Why settle for a one-size-fits-all approach?


Managing travel expenses can be costly and painful. So many factors go into booking a trip, and market prices fluctuate constantly. How do employees know what's reasonable to spend, and how do employers know if the amount spent was appropriate? Strict policies create friction. "Be reasonable" policies can be expensive. Nobody wins.


Rocketrip gives your business travelers a precise estimate of what their trips should cost, and a real reason to spend less. We use data-based trip budgeting and clear saving incentives to make cost control intuitive. You save on a major expense. Employees earn rewards. Everyone wins.


A reason for your travelers to consider cost

When employees get to keep half of what they save, they're motivated to spend company money as carefully as their own. They go above and beyond to spend below company policy and save in extraordinary ways. To name just a few:
  • Flying economy instead of business class
  • Booking a lower star class hotel
  • Staying with a friend or in an Airbnb

By letting you specify which cost-effective options employees can choose and which are out of policy, Rocketrip provides real saving incentives customized to your company.


Data-driven at every stage of the process

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will consult with you on your existing travel spend and expertly configure our platform to maximize savings and engage employees. 

You'll have instant access to your company's entire travel picture on our comprehensive analytics and reporting dashboard, along with weekly and monthly status reports sent straight to your inbox.



Start managing your travel smarter with Rocketrip.