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Keep part of the savings to redeem for cash cards, gift cards, and charitable donations.

  • Using Rocketrip allows us to empower employees to make their own travel choices.
    — Marty Ostermiller, CFO, Hirevue
  • Rocketrip has really motivated me to be more frugal. I wish I had learned about it earlier!
    — Andres Robles, Employee, GLG
  • I absolutely love Rocketrip. It’s easy and user-friendly, and the reward points system incentivizes the user to save.
    — Nikki Loescher, Employee, Feld Entertainment
  • Rocketrip better aligns the interests of Roivant’s stakeholders and reinforces our culture of ownership.
    — Matt Gline, CFO, Roivant

Earning Rewards Is Easy with the Rocketrip Booking Tool Integration


Book Your Trip as Usual

Get your Rocketrip Budget to Beat directly within the online booking tool you already use. 

Get Tips for Saving

Get recommendations on ways to save and see how many Rocketrip Points you can earn.

Start Collecting Points

Your upcoming trip itinerary will be automatically imported into your Rocketrip account. All you need to do is take your trip and submit expenses — we’ll take care of the rest!


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16 ways travelers can save on flights and hotels.



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