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Every Company Needs a Travel Policy

If you're looking to create a travel and expense policy for your company, you've come to the right place. 

Rocketrip's free example travel policy takes care of the heavy-lifting and eliminates the need to write your own from scratch. 

This customizable template can be tailored to match your company's specific requirements. Based on best practice guidelines developed at leading organizations, it's the perfect starting point for managing your employee travel expenses. 

Rocketrip's Policy Template Includes:

  • Spending guidelines for flights, hotels, trains, rental cars, and other major travel expenses.
  • Example reimbursement rules for employee meals and client entertainment costs.
  • Instructions for submitting expense reports.
  • Tips for improving policy compliance.
  • An overview of how to reduce travel expenses using Rocketrip's dynamic budgeting and employee incentives.

Get The Free Travel Policy Template