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Sailthru delivers a personalized customer experience across email, web, mobile, and more for innovative publishers and retailers. This growing enterprise technology company works with hundreds of global brands and has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, London, and Wellington, New Zealand. Travel is a big part of the New York-based firm’s employee experience—and budget. David was an early advocate and now runs the program. Rocketrip spoke with him to hear his take on the partnership. 

It’s pretty effortless. I don’t need to do a lot to make
it work for our company or our employees. Almost
every other software requires a ton of work to implement and maintain.
— David Kull, VP of Finance



Average savings per-flight


Nights spent with a friend instead of hotel


Percentage of travel budget saved


Average per-trip savings


Why Rocketrip?

We had a travel program that wasn’t accepted, so people were booking wherever, whenever, and however they wanted—there was not a lot of compliance. Our founder heard about Rocketrip and sold me on the premise. 

Executive’s Take

Initially there was a fair amount of skepticism —trusting the algorithm, worrying about price inflation, and questioning whether it would save the company money. Our CFO was new and not confident about Rocketrip’s premise. But, ultimately, she became convinced. Our head of sales was worried that it would slow down velocity. He became one of the program’s biggest advocates. 

Employee’s Take

Originally, some were unsure—I’ve found people are resistant to change, any change, even if you tell them that they can make money. Now it’s ingrained in our culture. People love the simplicity, and the control Rocketrip provides. Everyone can keep their travel preferences—our CEO likes American, our COO likes Delta—so it blends people’s preference with smart savings.  

Workplace Take

Rocketrip allowed us to ensure that everyone is thinking about travel costs without having a negative connotation. Within the sales team, it works in an infectious way: If everyone is going to Las Vegas for a conference, one person figures out how to do it to get the most points, and he or she lets everyone know. Our executives have taken their own approach—any savings goes into a pool to be used for employee bonuses or general operating expenses. 

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Redemption Story

At a recent golf outing, one of our employees showed me a new driver he bought with Rocketrip Points. When I asked another of our frequent travelers how she uses her points, she told me, “I just bought my dream Chloé purse. It’s in the office if you want to see it!” Another of our biggest reward earners made his wife’s lifelong dream of seeing Serena Williams play come true by cashing in his points for U.S. Open tickets. I love that people are using Rocketrip for things they wouldn’t normally buy. I also love what it’s done for our culture. 



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