Sailthru Saves $191 per Business Trip with Rocketrip 


The world's most innovative publishers and fastest growing retailers choose Sailthru to deliver a personalized customer experience across email, web, mobile, and more. This growing enterprise technology works with hundreds of global brands and has offices in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, London, and Wellington, New Zealand. 

Rocketrip takes a positive approach to travel policy, which works for our company culture. We’ve reduced our travel spend, and our employees get to share in the savings.
— David Kull, Controller


Average savings against budgets 


Increase in flights booked 14+ days in advance 



Sailthru's sales, implementation, training, and executive teams travel regularly. The company initially instituted a formal travel management program, but requiring employees to book through an official corporate platform proved unpopular. Policy compliance remained low, and travel spending continued to rise.


Motivation to Save

Rocketrip offers a different way to control costs: using “carrots” rather than “sticks” to motivate desired behaviors. The platform incentivizes cost-effective travel spending with real rewards - including gift cards, cash cards, and charitable donations. 

Custom Budgets

For each itinerary, Rocketrip generates a personalized “Budget to Beat” based on Sailthru's travel policy and negotiated rates as well as real-time market prices for flights, hotels, trains, and rental cars. Employees who book under budget split the savings with their company. 

Comprehensive Reporting

In order to capture complete data, Sailthru rolled out Rocketrip for all travelers from day one. By making Rocketrip universal, Sailthru’s finance team has gained comprehensive analytics and is able to identify the underlying causes of travel saving and overspending. 

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Sailthru saved an average of 18% during the first year with Rocketrip

Top Saving Strategies

Staying with friends or family


Of total nights booked


Average savings per night

Choosing a lower star class hotel


Of total nights booked


Average savings per night

Booking the lowest available airfare 


Of total flights booked


Average savings per flight 


In the past year, Sailthru has seen a dramatic shift in travel habits and spending. Whereas employees used to spend as much as or more than was allowed under company policy, they now have a real incentive to be cost-conscious. The decision to require Rocketrip company-wide has meant that every traveler is engaged in the effort to help Sailthru achieve its savings goals. 

The idea of getting gifts to travel for work is an amazing concept. Help your company save money while personally being rewarded – that takes a competitive spirit and introduces the idea of fun back into business travel.
— Stephen Noel, Senior Sales Engineer

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