The Simple Reality of Employee Engagement

Style Over Substance

The Simple Reality of Employee Engagement

With roughly 70% of the U.S. workforce disengaged from their job or organization, the issue of employee engagement can be costly. From negative employee attitudes and behaviors, to burnout and increased turnover, disengaged employees can quickly make a negative impact on your bottom-line. We take a comprehensive look at the complex issue of employee engagement from its history down to what employees truly want. Hint: the answer isn't an increase in compensation.


This e-book explains:

  • The extent to which a worker cares about one or more crucial aspects of any job: the work itself, the product or service delivered, colleagues, and relevant authority figures.

  • The key employee "feelings statements" that are often seen to drive engagement.

  • The five company characteristics that were found to drive engagement globally across all generations.

  • The most important factor for improving the relationship between workers and the work they do.


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