HireVue Cuts Average Trip Cost $117 with Rocketrip


HireVue uses digital video and predictive analytics to help clients like American Express, GE, Nike, and Hilton Worldwide build and coach high performance teams. Since it was founded in 2004, HireVue has been recognized as a Top HR Product of the Year by HR Executive Magazine and named in the top 10 of the Forbes list of America’s Most Promising Companies. HireVue serves its global client base from offices in Salt Lake City, New York, London, the Hague, and Sydney. 

Using Rocketrip allows us to empower employees to make their own travel choices, but with reasonable real-time benchmarks to help guide their decisions.
— Marty Ostermiller, CFO


Reduction in trips booked fewer than 7 days in advance


Increase in trip booked 14+ days in advance



HireVue’s Sales and Customer Success teams travel extensively. While employees tended to be both frugal and tech-savvy, and HireVue’s travel management program was working relatively well, the company identified an opportunity to realize additional savings. HireVue implemented Rocketrip in August 2015 to provide employees with additional flexibility, drive policy compliance, and improve travel expense reporting. 


Precise Budgets

For each itinerary, Rocketrip generates a personalized “Budget to Beat” based on real-time prices for flights, hotels, trains, and rental cars. Dynamic budgets eliminate uncertainty from travel price variation and provide employees with clear guidelines for what a given trip should cost. 

Motivation to Save

Rocketrip incentivizes employees to spend less on their trips by letting them keep half of the savings they generate for HireVue when they beat their budgets. The less employees spend on their business trips, the more Rocketrip Points they earn to redeem for real rewards, including gift cards, cash cards, and charitable donations. 

Comprehensive Reporting

Rocketrip creates a consolidated record of travel expenses from all sources: HireVue’s corporate booking tool, online travel sites, individual airlines and hotels, even Airbnb. The Rocketrip Insights analytics dashboard provides detailed breakdowns of every trip to reveal the underlying sources of travel spending and target specific expense categories for additional savings. 

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Rocketrip helped reduce flight and hotel spending 17% 

Top Saving Strategies

Staying with friends or family


Reduction in hotel nights


Average savings per night

Taking a connecting flight


Of flights booked


Average savings per flight

Flying a low-cost carrier


Of flights booked


Average savings per flight


Rocketrip provides HireVue employees with an incentive to save in ways both big and small. Employees took advantage of high-impact affordable travel options, saving as much as $3,453 on a single trip. The company cut its average flight and nightly hotel cost more than $100 driven by dramatic shifts in travel spending, as well as incremental adjustments to booking habits.

HireVue also realized substantial savings from increased use of travel booking best practices. Rocketrip motivated employees to avoid expensive last-minute bookings and plan trips as far in advance as possible.

HireVue executives and employees shared an affinity for Rocketrip’s approach to cost control. After observing a year’s worth of performance, HireVue travel administrators made Rocketrip a required part of every employee trip, explaining in the company policy guidelines that Rocketrip "keeps us out of the business of having to micro-manage your travel choices, and gives a "gut check" of reasonable travel costs. You are not always going to beat their budget, we ask only that you try. 

We decided to mandate Rocketrip usage across the company because the savings and spending visibility have been so compelling. Making Rocketrip universal maximizes our ROI.
— Marty Ostermiller, CFO

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