What business wouldn't want to increase sales, reduce expenses, or improve employee satisfaction? Enterprise gamification has been touted as a way to achieve all this and more by motivating employees while making routine processes more fun and engaging. But has it delivered on its promise?

Dan Ruch, CEO of Rocketrip, explains how to make gamification actually work in the workplace.  

  • Hear why past efforts at gamification have fallen short.
  • Learn how insights from behavioral science are helping to develop a new approach to gamification based on material incentives and quantified results.
  • See examples of how companies have significantly reduced their expenses by motivating employees to spend smart.
About Rocketrip:

Rocketrip is the leading travel incentive platform providing behavioral change solutions for corporate travel. By providing business travelers with budgets and letting them keep half of what they save, Rocketrip motivates smart spending and reduces average trip cost by 30%.



About Dan Ruch:

Founder & CEO, Rocketrip

Prior to founding Rocketrip, Dan served as Vice President, Europe for Tremor Video and worked at TACODA until its successful exit to AOL. Dan graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a BA in Psychology.