Travel and entertainment (T&E) is one of the largest controllable expense categories, but finance executives often hesitate to target it for cost reductions. In part, this missed opportunity results from a natural reluctance to commit time and resources to overseeing employee travel spending. 

But managing travel doesn't have to distract from other areas of the business. This e-book gives key stakeholders within a company's finance department the background knowledge needed to implement a cost-efficient, employee-friendly travel program.


You'll learn how to:

  • Analyze existing travel spending.

  • Evaluate the potential ROI of different corporate travel solutions and services.

  • Write clear travel expense policy guidelines.

  • Use incentive programs to motivate reduced spending.


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About Rocketrip:

Rocketrip is the leading technology platform for reducing corporate travel expenses. The platform motivates smart spending by providing business travelers with budgets and letting them keep half of what they save.