Is Your Employee Travel Program Working?

Controlling travel costs with strategic KPIs


The high cost of business travel is a problem that’s too big to ignore, but too complex to be solved overnight. You need an efficient system for overseeing employee travel - a set of gauges that can show how you’re doing without requiring you to get under the hood. Key performance indicators are those gauges and will allow you to report on objectives such as cost control, duty of care and risk compliance, and employee satisfaction.

This guide will help key stakeholders identify the most important signs of whether their company’s travel program is working. 

The Strategic KPI Guide will:

  • Show which high level metrics are most important for finance, procurement, and operations executives looking to get a handle on employee travel.
  • Explain the most commonly used KPIs in corporate travel management.
  • Suggest additional KPIs to help you motivate employees to save instead of penalizing overspending.
  • Connect travel programs to larger organizational objectives, such as cost-control, employee satisfaction.