Getting Employees on Board with Budgeting Decisions

Budgeting decisions impact everyone at a company, but it can be difficult to translate the underlying financial reasons to a wider audience. Changes to staffing or expense policies can leave employees confused, dissatisfied, even fearful. This webinar explores how to set the right tone to help employees overcome the potential stresses and challenges that come with change.

The webinar covers:

  • Why employees naturally resist changes to staffing, benefits, travel reimbursement, and other areas that directly influence their productivity and job satisfaction.
  • How to assess the impacts of changing budgets and/or employee spending policies.
  • How to minimize the disruptive impact of policy changes.
  • Real world examples relevant to:
    • Executive leadership teams
    • Finance professionals
    • HR professionals


Dan Ruch
Founder & CEO, Rocketrip

Prior to founding Rocketrip, Dan served as Vice President, Europe for Tremor Video and worked at TACODA until its successful exit to AOL. Dan graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a BA in Psychology.

Dan Figenshu
SVP Finance, Mic

Dan Figenshu is the Senior Vice President of Finance, running Mic Network Inc.'s finance and accounting teams, overseeing all people management functions, and serving as lead for all legal matters. Prior to working at Mic, he was the Head of Finance at Glenn Beck's Mercury Radio Arts and TheBlaze.


About Rocketrip:

Rocketrip is the leading travel incentive platform providing behavioral change solutions for corporate travel. By providing business travelers with budgets and letting them keep half of what they save, Rocketrip motivates smart spending and reduces average trip cost by 30%.