Rocketrip points are rewards with real value. Every dollar you save on trips will earn you points to spend on cash and gift cards. Unlike frequent flyer miles, there’s no confusing exchange rate or long list of restrictions on how and when you can redeem. Rocketrip points are effectively like cash. Spend less on business travel, earn more to spend on the things you actually want. It’s that simple.


You earn Rocketrip points when you come in under your Budget to Beat.
You can think of it like this:

Your employee reward share is set in your company’s travel policy. Most Rocketrip travelers keep 40% of what they save, before taxes.

To find out what percentage of the savings you’ll keep, visit the company policy section of your Rocketrip employee dashboard.

Your rewards are calculated in Rocketrip points. 10 Rocketrip points equal $1 in rewards.


Taxes and fees
Taxes on flights, hotels, and rental cars are automatically included in your Rocketrip budget. This means your savings and rewards will be calculated net of your flight/hotel/rental car rate plus taxes.

Ancillary fees such as bag check fees, travel agent booking fees, hotel room service, cleaning fees, incidentals, and rental car insurance generally are not accounted for in your Rocketrip budget. This means your savings and rewards are calculated independent of these expenses. 

Beating only one part of your trip budget
Separate guidelines exist for each travel mode of your trip. If you exceed one portion of your budget, you can still earn rewards by coming in under your overall budget. For instance, if you exceed your flight budget by $100, but beat your hotel budget by $200, your rewards will be calculated based on an overall savings of $100.


Rocketrip encourages you to book ahead whenever possible, and rewards you by giving Advance Purchase Points. Different companies choose different early booking thresholds, but the most common thresholds are 21+ and 14+ days in advance. In these cases, if you book a flight at least 22 or 15 days in advance, and the lowest available price for your trip is higher on the 21st or 14th day, Rocketrip will award you a percentage of the increase. Check the company policy section of your employee dashboard to see what Advance Purchase rewards apply.

For example, say that 15 days before your trip you generate a Rocketrip flight budget and the lowest available price is $300. You book your flight, and then 14 days before your trip, Rocketrip automatically finds that airfares have gone up to $400. You'll be awarded a percentage of that $100 difference in bonus points.


After you submit your receipts, your points will be in the "pending" state. Pending points need to be approved by your Rocketrip administrator before they can be redeemed for rewards.

Points move from pending to approved after:

  1. Travel expenses have been submitted for approval.
  2. The dates of travel have passed.
  3. Your company's Rocketrip administrator has approved your rewards.

This process might take a few weeks after your trip has been completed.

Once approved, your points can be redeemed on the Shop with Points page.


You can redeem your Rocketrip points for gift cards, a cash card, or (if you’re feeling generous) transfer them to a coworker or donate them to charity.

To redeem your rewards, click on the "Shop with Points" button in your employee dashboard.

Gift card options include Amazon, Barnes and Noble, J.Crew, Best Buy, and many more. Most gift cards are available starting at $25. 

Once you’ve earned enough Rocketrip points, you’ll also have the option to redeem them for a $500 or $1,000 cash card from American Express. 


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