• I absolutely love Rocketrip. It’s easy and user friendly, and the reward points system incentivizes the user to save.
    — Nikki Loescher, Employee, Feld Entertainment
  • Rocketrip has really motivated me to be more frugal. I wish I had learned about it earlier!
    — Andres Robles, Employee, GLG
  • Our employees have really embraced Rocketrip’s value proposition. Spend less, keep more: that just makes sense.
    — Jeff Wong, Senior Manager of Business Analysis, OnDeck

Turn cost control from a pain point into a positive.

Rocketrip gives employees smart, real-time budgets and lets them keep half of what they save. It's cost control your whole company will love.


Discover a modern, data-based approach to travel management.

Rocketrip's patented budget algorithms let you and your employees know what every trip should cost at the time of booking. We provide you with detailed reporting to track how much your employees save.


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